Sharing a Secure File

Select the secure file you wish to share, then right-click to open a sub-menu (as shown). Click on the Share option.

In the dialogue box that shows up, enter the e-mail IDs of the intended recipients. You may also add a description of the secure file you are sharing with them. Enter your passphrase. Click the DONE button to share your secure file.

Click on Advanced Settings to check details – if you are the owner you can share the file with other GarbleCloud users. You can revoke permissions by clicking the ‘x’ next to the names. Also, you can set restrictions on whether they can further share or update the encrypted file.

The following 3 choices are given for both share and update restrictions: ‘default’, ‘true’ and ‘false’. ‘default’ means no explicit restriction is placed on the encrypted file, but the file inherits any restrictions placed on its parent folder hierarchy or from a security policy.